Saturday, May 23, 2009

begining database design solutions

Begining database design solutions by rod stephens is an excellent book especially for the begenners.databases play a critical role in the business operations of most organizations;they're the central repository for critical information on products,customers,suppliers,sales,and a host of other essential information.its no wonder that the majority of all business computing involves database applications.
with so much at stake ,u'd expect most IT professionals would have a firm understanding of good database design.but in fact most learn through a painful process of trail and error,with predictabily poor results.
this book provides readers with proven methods and tools for desiging efficient ,reliable,and secure databases author rod stephens explains how a database should be organized to ensure data integrity without sacrificing performance.he shares procedures for designing robust,flexibleand secure database that provides a solid foundation for all of ur database applications .the methods and techniques in this boook can be applied to any database environment ,including oracle ,microsoft access,sql server,and mysql,ull learn the basics of good database design and ultimately discover how to design a real world database.