Saturday, May 23, 2009

Onn V2 PMP Goes for iPod Nano 2G Form Factor

According to the Danish manufacturer ONN (also Owen), the iPod Nano reached the peak of its popularity at second-gen and of course ONN wants some of that popular to resurface as it introduced the ONN V2, successor of the ONN V1, and an iPod Nano 2G wannabe. Besides the appearance, the V2 measures 82 × 42 × 6.8mm, which you must admit comes very close to being identitical with Nano 2G. The V2, though, has AVI video support, which is like the Nano 4G. On top of video support, the V2 has a built-in FM tuner and e-Book functionality. It’s probably cheap, too, but we’ll wait for the price announcement before recommending it.